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Welcome To Our Client Corner

This is an area of our website that is intended for the existing clients of Kavesh, Minor & Otis, providing our clients updates, news, and important information regarding our law firm, special seminars, announcements, law changes and new services. At Kavesh, Minor & Otis, we value our clients and the loyalty our clients have shown us over the years — it's our goal to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients for many more years to come. Without you, our clients, we would not be where we are today and all of our accomplishments to date would not have been possible!

Client Review Seminars

We have set up regular Client Review Seminars specifically intended for our clients who have not been in to see us for over 3 years. These seminars have proven to help our clients understand what changes have occurred with respect to planning strategies, services and laws. At the conclusion of these seminars, all of our clients will be offered the ability to book their free 90-minute review meeting. Click here to view the seminar schedule.

Free 3-Year Review Meetings

Just a friendly reminder that if you have not seen us in over 3 years, we recommend that you come in and take advantage of your free review meeting. Even if you don't have any changes, it is a great way to make sure that all of your estate planning is in order. Through these meetings, we have been able to help clients find out things such as property once in the trust was taken out during a refinancing process trustees or beneficiaries have since deceased or relationships with them have changed, and much more! Think of it like your annual physical, where you are feeling fine but you see your doctor for a checkup just to be sure everything is ok. We don't need to see you every year, but we do recommend that you come in at least every 3 years. To schedule your free review meeting, fill our our online form, call us at 1-800-756-5596 or you may also want to attend our free Client Review Seminar.

Client Confidential Review Questionnaire

Many of our clients have asked that we make it easy for them to be able to access our Confidential Review Questionnaire. We have now made this available online and are working to make it available to fill in electronically. For now, you will need to print it out and complete the Review Questionnaire. If you haven't been in to see us in over 3 years, we will definitely need for you to complete a new review questionnaire to ensure that we have all of the most updated information for you.

Client Referrals & Family Discount

We have received numerous referrals from our clients over the years. Clients who have found such great value in our service have passed that along to their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and other loved ones. We want to take the time to thank you for thinking of us and welcome any other referrals that you think may benefit from our service. Please feel free to get them in contact with us. Be sure to tell them to mention that they were referred by you, as we have a special "Friends & Family Discount" available to them!

Client Testimonials & Thank You Letters

Several clients have contacted us to find out how they may be able to be featured on our website's "Client Testimonial" section. We encourage our clients to personally write Mr. Kavesh a letter that describes your experience and how we have helped you and your family. Your letter may be featured in our Thank You book in our lobby as well as appear on our website. Send your letters to Mr. Kavesh at our main office address at 990 W. 190th Street, Suite 500, Torrance, CA 90502. Thank YOU for your "thank you's"!

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