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Pensions Should End at Death but They Don’t Always

| Oct 2, 2017 | Uncategorized |

City in Delaware continues benefits for 20 years, after retiree passes away.

For nearly two decades after the death of a retiree, regular pension payments were deposited in her bank account, according to Fox News in “Pension checks totaling $73G rolled in for years after woman’s death.”

When a retiree passes away, retirement checks, whether from a former employer or Social Security, should be stopped.

However, the employer or Social Security has to be informed that the person has passed away.

A lot of money is spent trying to discover that people have passed away, so benefits will not be sent. That money is usually well spent and someone’s death is quickly discovered.

That was not the case recently in Wilmington, DE.

There an agency hired to crosscheck various databases, failed to discover that one woman had passed away.

Although it is not known if it occurred in this case, if anyone was using the money coming from those pension payments, he or she is likely to face legal action.

Taking the money from pension benefits of a person you know has passed away is a serious crime, especially if those benefits are being paid by the Social Security Administration.

Despite the serious nature of the crime, it is not all that uncommon.