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One Can Leave a Legacy Based on Their Own Unique Life

| Feb 27, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Internet highlights the life of an ordinary man who meant a lot to his family and now perhaps others.

Terri Ward’s obituary has earned him some postmortem fame on the Internet, according to the Daily Mail in “Obituary for veteran with ‘zero working knowledge of the Kardashians’ and a stash of Miracle Whip wins over the internet.”

Ward was an army veteran living in Indiana who recently passed away. The unique things about his obituary are the interesting and relatable details about his life. It noted that at the time of his passing, he had 17 boxes of Hamburger Helper and refused to eat hummus, unless his family told him it was bean dip.

What people love about Ward’s obituary is that it shows how ordinary he was and does so in a humorous way. People can relate to him and that will be his ultimate legacy.

This shows that you do not need to be particularly special or unique to have a legacy. You can go to an estate planning attorney and make sure you have an estate plan that will adequately provide for your family and that even leaves some assets to your favorite charitable causes.