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Approach of the holidays may prompt estate planning discussions

| Oct 5, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Not all families in California have the luxury of living near each other and experiencing their loved ones’ company throughout the year. As such, some individuals rely on the holidays to meet up with their relatives and to catch up on what has been happening in their lives. The winter holiday season, which is quickly approaching, is a time for family and for fun, but also for planning.

Spending time with family members may prompt our readers to think about the future and what options they have for taking care of their relatives. One of the most effective ways of providing for family members is through the preparation of a legally sound estate plan.

An estate plan gives a person the power to decide where their property and money will go once they have passed away. A person can direct money, assets and other items of property to be given to certain loved ones and may make contributions to charities, trusts and other financial tools through the use of their estate plans. Everyone can benefit from having an estate plan and, therefore, everyone can take control of their financial futures for the benefit of their relatives.

The Law Firm of Kavesh, Minor & Otis is located in Torrance and serves clients throughout Southern California. Our attorneys understand that our clients want to do what is best for their families with their estate plans and to provide for them into the future. As the holidays approach and more consideration is given to family, our readers may be thinking about taking the first step toward preparing estate plans and answering their estate planning questions.