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This Simple Tool May Change The Quality of Your Life (or of Someone You Know)

| Sep 25, 2019 | Long Term Care |


Attorney, Philip Kavesh

We, our parents and other loved ones are living longer, but does that assure we are living better?

I recently came across a great tool that can assist you or seniors you know in:

· Keeping mentally sharp and even earning some additional income during your retirement

· Staying connected with your family and friends

· Allowing you to get where you want and what you want without having to drive

· Getting a helping hand with maintaining your home

· Monitoring your health and managing your meds and medical help

This tool doesn’t cost a thing. It’s a publication written by MIT AgeLab and offered for free by Hartford Friends. It’s called “The Apps, Sites and Devices Changing the Way We Age.”

If you don’t think you or seniors you know will be up to using modern technology, think again. I’ve done informal surveys at our Living Trust Seminars, asking how many people are on the internet and use e-mail, and here’s what I’ve found. Just 5 years ago, fewer than 15% of my audiences raised their hands to indicate they used modern technology – – and today it’s consistently 100%!

You can download this valuable booklet at

You’ll be glad you did.

And, please, go ahead and forward this newsletter to anyone else who may also benefit from this booklet!