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02/26/2020 – Living Trust Seminar – Torrance Main Office


Our Living Trust Seminar is a free seminar intended for both our existing clients and members of the public-whether they have been thinking about getting a Living Trust or already have one in place. This seminar is a general overview of the estate planning process and the services that we offer, including our prices. All attendees will be offered a free consultation at the conclusion of the seminar.

During this seminar, you will find out if a Living Trust you have already (or are thinking about getting) will…

  • Protect your loved ones’ inheritance from in-laws, divorces, lawsuits and creditors?
  • Work properly, and avoid Court interference, when you or your spouse becomes ill or disabled?
  • Really avoid the expenses, delays and headaches of Probate, when you or your spouse passes away, as it’s supposed to?
  • Actually prevent you from qualifying for nursing care benefits and allow your estate and loved ones to be wiped out by excessive nursing bills?
  • Properly protect your IRAs (and retirement plans you may someday rollover into an IRA)?


  • If you’re married, you will find out if a Living Trust plan force your surviving spouse to endure needless paperwork and legal and accounting fees.
  • And, if you have young children or grandchildren, you will find out if a Living Trust plan help assure that they will be raised properly and lead a fruitful and meaningful life, rather than squander their inheritance?
  • And you will find out if you should have more than just legal documents-such as a Health Emergency Card, Owner’s Manual, Trustee Manual, Beneficiary Manual and Free Service Package-to help assure your Trust plan will actually work properly when the time comes?

You won’t want to miss this FREE seminar!

While most of our existing clients have already attended this seminar prior to becoming our clients, we welcome them back at any time for a refresher and we encourage them to bring family members, trustees, neighbors, coworkers, and friends along with them.