Spousal Petition.

If you do not have a Living Trust, you may avoid lengthy probate proceedings upon the death of your spouse through the use of a simplified spousal property petition. Additionally, if you and your spouse did not enter into a property agreement, the court may declare your spouse’s assets to be community property—giving you substantial tax benefits.

Trust Modification or Reformation.

It may be necessary to make changes to an irrevocable trust or a Living Trust after the maker or first spouse has passed. We may utilize a special agreement between the trustee and beneficiaries, or several different court procedures to accomplish your objectives.

Trust and Estate Litigation.

If the trustee, executor, or beneficiaries are disputing the terms of a will or trust, these may need to be resolved through legal action. We may provide assistance in properly interpreting provisions in a will or trust, defending claims against the estate, and handling other court matters.

Estate Planning for Beneficiaries.

Once an inheritance is received, beneficiaries will need to protect these assets from threats such as divorce, lawsuits, and creditors, as well as ensure their own heirs will not be stuck with high fees or estate taxes. We are here to assist the next generation of loved ones with their estate planning needs.

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