The choices you make in your estate plan can affect your family for years into the future. Unfortunately, many estate plans overlook important details that can lead to increased taxes, a long and drawn-out probate process, or even expensive litigation that can significantly decrease the amount that will be left for their heirs.

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Our attorneys have created thousands of estate plans across Southern California, and we know the common pitfalls the average person will make during the planning process. That is why we offer a free monthly newsletter on estate planning and trust administration matters, allowing people nationwide to get the information they need from a trusted source.

Our past newsletters have explored topics such as:

  • Estate planning documents everyone should have on file
  • How to get the most out of your estate tax exemption
  • Creating an emergency plan in case your young adult child is incapacitated
  • Tips for choosing a senior living community
  • Creative ways to leave assets to your beneficiaries
  • Common scams that target seniors
  • What to consider when refinancing a real estate mortgage
  • When to consider using a trust in your estate plan
  • How to ensure your loved one’s estate is administered correctly
  • Choosing your health care surrogate and other important designations
  • How to prevent your heirs from fighting after you are gone
  • How to plan for a happy and healthy retirement

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