Reason #3: Your Appointed Successor Trustee May Not Be the Right Fit.

Your Successor Trustee is the person that you chose to step in and act if you should become disabled or pass away. However, you may not have the same kind of relationship with your appointed Successor Trustee or they may have demonstrated that they are not as capable of handling money or responsibility as you once thought. You will want to review who is appointed as your Successor Trustee to make sure that you have someone that is responsible and able to handle all of the necessary duties required as Successor Trustee when the time comes.

Reason #4: Important Laws that May Affect Your Plan Might Have Changed.

There are a number of laws pertaining to estate taxes and medical privacy that have changed in recent years. Depending on when you had your Living Trust drafted (or updated), your plan may not properly address all of these law changes. This can potentially result in a lot of needless paperwork, stress, legal fees and even taxes.

Reason #5: New Estate Planning Techniques May Be Available.

As with most things in life, over the years, estate planning techniques continue to evolve over time. Think about it. Does your car now have the same features it had 10, 20, or 30 years ago? Of course not! There may be a number of new estate planning techniques available that weren’t available (or weren’t appropriate for you) at the time you had your Living Trust prepared. A qualified attorney can review your existing estate plan and determine whether or not some of the new estate planning techniques may be a good fit for you.

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