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After the game and the parade, the day was still only half over. Next came the early afternoon family Thanksgiving dinners, with plenty of turkey and every other kind of food you can imagine. Then, everyone crowded around the television (a color one, if you were really lucky!) to watch the only NFL game of the day, the Green Bay Packers at the Detroit Lions. (No matter how good the Packers were and how bad the Lions were, I remember it was always an exciting fight to the finish!) During the halftime of that game, the neighborhood Dads and sons gathered in the street or a nearby field for a friendly game of touch football. Then, it was back to the televisions (and more eating until everyone was too sleepy to do anything else!). What a wonderful day Thanksgiving Day was!

For years, until I graduated high school and left our small town to go off to college, I thought (or took for granted) that everyone in America - - and all over the world - - enjoyed a Thanksgiving holiday like this. Of course, I soon learned nothing was farther from the truth. It was only after breaking away from the wonderful Thanksgiving tradition of my youth that I truly understood the meaning of Thanksgiving. We are so very lucky and truly blessed to live in such a free country and enjoy all its opportunities and bounty.

I know many people are experiencing hard times these days and I believe it's not just the obligation, but the duty, of those of us who are well off to help others less fortunate. Give of your time to assist others in need or of your spare money to contribute to worthy charitable causes. Consider placing a special bequest in your estate plan to charity, even if it's just 1% of what you've accumulated over a lifetime! Your family will hardly miss that 1%, but imagine what good it will do in the world, particularly when others join you to do the same.

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Denise Nolan Delurgio 10/31/2021 02:16 PM
Phil, it is always a pleasure to read your monthly message. I enjoyed your small town tale of the Thanksgiving traditions where you grew up. We thank God on this day for feast, family, and our national heritage.
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