Judge asked to decide if there really is a conflict.

A prenuptial agreement would lead one to think the settlement of the Alan Thicke estate would be easy. However, it seems that may not be the case, according to TMZ in “Alan Thicke’s Widow Please Judge, Throw Robin and His Bro Out of Court!!!

Things began to get difficult in the case, when Thicke’s sons filed a motion with the court that suggested their stepmother had threatened them.

They claimed she said she wanted to challenge the prenuptial agreement and that if they fought her, then she would go to the media with some undisclosed gossip.

The widow claims the sons are lying and she has no interest at all in challenging the prenuptial agreement. She says the sons filed their motion merely to embarrass her in the media, and she is asking the judge to dismiss the motion and chastise the sons.

It is difficult to determine who is telling the truth here.

This appears to be yet another example of adult children not getting along with a stepparent.

The question that remains is what is the goal of each side of the conflict?

Philip J. Kavesh
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