Two more people come forward claiming to be heirs of entertainer Prince.

Just as it was predicted when it was learned that entertainer Prince apparently did not leave an estate plan or will a number of people have stepped forward claiming to be related. As the Daily Mail reports two more people have submitted claims in “Two more ‘relatives’ stake their claim to a share of Prince’s fortune: Family of singer’s late half-brother say birth certificate proves they are rightful heirs.”

Both new claimants say they are the child of Prince’s deceased half-brother Duane Nelson who passed away in 2011. One woman claims to be Nelson’s daughter and his only living heir. However, the other claim was submitted by a woman who states that she is the mother of Nelson’s 11 year old child.

If the claims can be proven, both would receive a share of Prince’s estate unless someone else can prove he or she is Prince’s child.

Many people might wonder whether the media coverage of Prince’s estate is worth following. It should be.

Rarely do we get the opportunity to see what happens when a wealthy person dies intestate. The multiple claims of the musician’s would-be heirs and the expected estate tax bill the estate pay should lead to valuable lessons about the importance of getting estate plans signed without delay.

An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process.

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