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… Many colleges and universities have begun offering classes for older workers to help them improve their resumes, learn marketable skills and land jobs.

This is typically the time of year when many employers re-evaluate their staffing needs. Some decide to hire additional talent, and others feel they need to cut some non-essential positions for the greater good of the company. Either way, having an updated resume ready at the New Year is a wise plan.

For older individuals, reaching retirement means managing a budget with savings, social security, and part-time income. Having a polished resume is extremely important, as an analysis of the most recent job data by the AARP Public Policy Institute shows. Consider this: unemployment for older job seekers is now 56 weeks on average, compared with 37 weeks for younger workers. In light of this trend, it is crucial for older workers to revise their resumes to catch the eye of potential employers.

As reported recently in The Wall Street Journal, a new program known as the American Association of Community Colleges’ Plus 50 Initiative is helping seniors do just that. The Plus 50 Initiative recognizes the experiences, skills, and leadership that the baby boomer generation possesses. Given the possibility of unemployment facing many older workers, the Plus 50 Initiative seeks to harness the experience of an older generation and use it to teach new skills to an already successful generation.

Many times, the only thing standing between a senior and a job is a lack of technical knowledge and computer experience. Taking a short class on computer software is one of the best ways for older job seekers to brush up on these skills, enhance their resumes, and show employers that they are up to date with technology. Now is the time to reevaluate how you can better market yourself in an ever-changing economy and job market.

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