While you may not have the same problems or responsibilities as the Pope, have you reflected on your own future and when may be time to step down? This especially is true if you have no mandatory retirement age for your position.

A recent Marketwatch article titled “Retirement lessons from Pope Benedict” explored this timely issue. Whether you are the Pope, a business owner, or even a CEO there is always the question of succession. Aside from the business aspects, on a personal level make sure your advance health directives are current in the event you became infirm or incapacitated. While you are at it, a good top-to-bottom review of your estate planning likely is in order.

So, if you are responsible for millions of souls or just a few, the basic teaching point is the same. As the Boy Scouts famously advise – be prepared!

Philip J. Kavesh
Nationally recognized attorney helping clients with customized estate planning guidance for over 40 years.
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