At The Law Firm of Kavesh, Minor & Otis, Inc., we understand that there is a stark difference between estate plans that work properly and those that don’t. At our free seminars throughout Southern California, we educate consumers just like you on the necessity of establishing a Living Trust that will allow you to control your assets while you are still alive and after you’re gone.

“We had previous experience with estate planning and we recognized Phil Kavesh as someone who knew what he was talking about. Having a Living Trust is the assurance that things will go on without us as we choose to have them happen, plus we are able to avoid the costs of probate. I certainly would recommend it to people.” – Norm G.

The Living Trust is the best vehicle for most people to achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

Our law firm’s comprehensive Living Trust package includes:

Revocable Living Trust (including “Personal Asset Trusts” for your beneficiaries):

Assure the right people will inherit your assets, in the right amounts, at the right times, and on the right terms. The Living Trust does this while avoiding court conservatorship and probate proceedings and helps reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes for a married couple. Our cutting-edge Personal Asset Trust also protects your beneficiaries’ inheritance from spouses, divorces, lawsuits, creditors, loss of government needs-based benefits and additional estate taxes when they pass their inheritance to the next generation.

Trust flowchart:

A one-page “snapshot” summary of the key provisions of your trust, to assist you and your successor trustees in understanding how your trust will work.

Pour-over will:

A backup to the trust; this will transfer any assets left outside the trust at death into it. This will also name guardians of your minor children, if any.

Durable power of attorney for property:

Authorizes someone to manage any property outside the trust and enter contracts with care providers, if you become incapacitated and to take certain critical, last minute estate planning actions.

Property agreement:

For married couples, this can avoid needless capital gains taxes if the survivor sells appreciated assets and can help fully utilize each spouse’s estate tax exemption.

Advance health care directive:

Includes a durable power of attorney for health care, which authorizes the person(s) of your choosing to make health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Also includes a living will, which may authorize withdrawal of life support when there is an irreversible coma or terminal illness.

HIPAA authorization:

Permits the persons that you’ve named to make your medical and financial decisions immediate access to your health information when the need arises, without having to go to court.

Health document emergency card:

A special card for you to keep in your wallet that allows your emergency health care providers immediate fax access to your advance health care directive and HIPAA authorization, when necessary.

Plus…The “Owner’s Manual”

The Living Trust “owner’s manual” includes copies of your estate planning documents (as described above) as well as the following items:

Title transfer instructions:

Title transfer guidelines and instruction letters for transferring your assets into your Living Trust. (At the time we sign your trust, we typically also sign all deeds transferring your California real estate to your trust. These letters are for use with your other assets).

Trust certification:

Summary copy of selected portions of your Living Trust in case a bank or other institution requests it when you transfer assets to your trust.

ID card:

A key item to keep in your wallet, readily available, so when you acquire new assets you correctly place them into the proper legal name of your trust.

Plus…Our Unique Free Service Package

Our services go far beyond just setting up the Living Trust. Our lawyers and firm’s resources will be available to you through:

Free phone calls:

To help you and to answer your questions.

Free meeting to review your plan:

Every three years, to make sure your estate plan is up-to-date with any law changes and newer planning strategies, and continues to accurately reflect your planning wishes.

Free seminars:

On new services and strategies, law changes, advanced estate planning, and various financial and tax planning subjects.

Free email newsletter:

Published monthly to keep you informed of the latest estate planning developments and strategies.

Specially discounted “upgrade” packages:

When law changes require important revisions of your Living Trust estate plan in the future.

Free consultation with your successor trustee upon your disability or death:

To help assure your trust will be properly implemented when the time comes.

All of the above “most complete Living Trust package” is individually tailored and prepared for a fixed fee, quoted in advance and agreed to by you in writing before any work is done.

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