Dividing Properties in Probate Can Be Traumatic

Probate proceedings can get messy and bring out the worst in family members. For large, complex, or especially valuable estates, it’s not uncommon for distant relatives or improbable parties to try staking a claim, and worthy inheritors may receive less than their fair share, while distant relatives the deceased may not have even considered in a will become legally viable heirs.

The easiest way to avoid the drama and trauma of probate is to ensure that your estate is professionally planned. Writing is a will is only one of many ways to preserve your peace of mind. Many people also opt to establish trusts, which facilitate the transfer of assets in a private, family-friendly manner. They also allow individuals to set specific conditions on who receives specific assets and how financial assets can be used.


Philip J. Kavesh
Nationally recognized attorney helping clients with customized estate planning guidance for over 40 years.