Disagreement between stepparents and stepchildren isn’t unusual. However, the fight over Thicke’s estate is taking interesting turns.

Alan Thicke and his widow had a prenuptial agreement that gave her certain assets upon his death.

She said publicly that she was satisfied with what she was supposed to inherit under the terms of the agreement.

However, Thicke’s sons took the unusual step of preemptively filing a motion in court claiming that their stepmother was planning to challenge the prenuptial agreement. They also said that she is threatening to share gossip with the media, if they did not let her have her way.

A judge has ruled in the widow’s favor and dismissed the sons’ case for now, according to TMZ in “Alan Thicke’s Widow Scores Court Win Against Sons … For Now.”

It is not likely the public has heard the last of this case.

Philip J. Kavesh
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