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Client Testimonials

The testimonials below and throughout our website were provided by actual clients. To maintain their privacy, their names may be abbreviated and their photos are not shown. Please note that testimonials do not warrant, guarantee or predict your particular results. Actual client testimonial letters may be viewed by you in several “Thank You” books, proudly displayed at our main office lobby.

Ms. Lee is always very professional, genuinely friendly and excellent at explaining complex legalese in way that I can grasp. Very satisfied with the level of service I receive with your firm. The receptionist welcomed me and the coffee and tea setup is a nice touch as my appointments are always in the morning, I appreciate that.


My husband and I had Kavesh, Minor & Otis set up a Living Trust for us. Just 6 months after we signed our Living Trust, my husband had a heart attack and died. So of course I called Kavesh, Minor & Otis. They did all my paperwork, freeing me of everything. I can’t say enough about them, they handled everything and were just marvelous. I recommend all my friends to Kavesh, Minor & Otis to set up a Living Trust. I pass out their business cards to my friends and tell them to call them up. If you want me to go with you, I’ll go. I’ll take you there. Everybody’s got to have a Living Trust and I think Kavesh, Minor & Otis is the best!


I shall never forget how fortunate it was to have noted the ad in the Los Angeles Times which resulted in our attending the seminar you conducted… our only regret is that it took us this long to learn of your existence and your being able to combine every aspect of our financial and legal affairs in one place, providing us a total relief from the anxieties that previously existed. We thank you and every member of your staff with whom we have come in contact for all the help you have given us.


My husband and I set up a Living Trust with Kavesh, Minor & Otis. Our main reason was to save inheritance taxes. It’s given me peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of. I know what to do in case something happens to my husband… and my children know what to do if something happens to the two of us. We’re very satisfied with the service we received from Kavesh, Minor & Otis. They listened to my concerns and took the time to explain everything to me – I appreciate that. Kavesh, Minor & Otis is always there to help us out and that makes me feel secure.


I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent service provided by your firm in the preparation of my family trust. I am especially grateful for the assistance of my attorney, whose knowledge, professionalism, personal care and interest were invaluable. From the outset, I had some pretty complex ideas about how I wanted my estate distributed and with skill and patience, my attorney helped me work through them and come up with a plan which satisfied my wishes and concerns… you can be sure that I would recommend Kavesh, Minor & Otis to anyone seeking help with their estate planning needs.


You have created a package that includes all of the things for a comprehensive estate plan. It’s the most complete package that I have ever encountered. Your firm’s emphasis on maintaining the Trust struck a chord and your “IRA Inheritance Trust®” and “Personal Asset Trust℠” are two innovative things.


We had previous experience with estate planning and we recognized Phil Kavesh as someone who knew what he was talking about. Having a Living Trust is the assurance that things will go on without us as we choose to have them happen, plus we are able to avoid the costs of probate. I was an executor for my father’s estate and I know what happens during probate, especially if there’s anything complicated or legally at issue. That one experience was enough to convince me how important a Living Trust is. I certainly would recommend it to people.


My wife died last November. Most of our assets were titled in our Living Trust and I was able to avoid probate. Also, I bought my house in 1959, so you can imagine what the capital gain is in it. With the Living Trust (and property agreement), my house has a new tax basis. If I decide to sell it, right there the estate plan I got will probably save me over $100,000 in capital gains taxes.


Kavesh, Minor & Otis has worked with my wife and I on numerous aspects of our estate planning, including our Living Trust, irrevocable insurance trust and IRA Inheritance Trust with which we were comfortable that we had done the most for ourselves and for our heirs. The missing piece for our heirs was a track to run on once we were not here to give them direction.

The answer to our concerns came when we purchased your new Successor Trustee Manual in 2006. After reviewing the manual, we met with our four children and went through each of the 24 chapters with them. They came away from that meeting with a full understanding of our wishes, their responsibilities as successor trustees and an organized plan of action to follow. It also turned out to be extremely beneficial to each of our children in recognizing their need to get their own estate planning updated, organize critical documents and spend more time planning for their future and their children.

It isn’t often we’ve taken so much pride in purchasing a manual, but you have produced a sure winner that does a very thorough job. It’s like putting the icing on our estate planning cake. Thank you for your creativity, organization and concern for your clients.


I got a Living Trust because I was concerned with setting things up in an orderly manner and protecting everything from too many taxes. If you’ve got something to protect, then a Living Trust is what you need. If you don’t care about paying out all the estate taxes and going through probate and such, you don’t need one. My wife won’t need to spend a lot of time worrying about all this now that we have a Living Trust. I’ve found Kavesh, Minor & Otis very easy to deal with and very straight forward.


I was selected to be the executor/trustee for my brother’s Living Trust. I am thankful that my brother selected your law firm to prepare his revocable Family Living Trust. I was so impressed with the detailed content of the documents in the Estate Planning Portfolio. Because my brother had such thoughtful and thorough assistance while planning, following through with his wishes was clear. I appreciated your firm’s attention to detail, as well as the knowledge of all the necessary procedures to administer a trust. This made my duties as executor and trustee an interesting and enjoyable experience. I learned much and feel very satisfied with the way everything was handled.


My father died more than three years ago. His estate is still going through probate with another law firm and we’ve been told it’ll take at least another year. This whole process has put an excessive amount of emotional and financial strain on my family. We still don’t know what the total fees are yet, but we suspect they’ll be close to $100,000. I would never wish this nightmare on my own children.

When I heard of the Living Trust, I had Kavesh, Minor & Otis create one for me right away. It was easy and affordable, and three weeks after my initial consultation, it was all done. My children are now protected from having to go through all the hassles, unnecessary legal fees and heartache I’ve been through, and everything will be handled according to my wishes. I’ve done for my children what I wish my father had been able to do for me.


We have been your customer for many, many years. We have been happy with your firm from the very first day. We have put our trust in you to make sure all will be fine for our family when needed. This is the most important time in our lives. Our planning. Thank you once again.


We are senior citizens now and want you to know how reassuring it is to know that either of us or our children will be in good hands when a need arises.


We wish to extend our gratitude for assisting us with our Estate Planning. Seeing that our Living Trust had to be amended and updated, the procedures accomplished were effectively done so that we could take full advantage of the benefits of our estate plan. We would surely recommend our families and friends to your office for their assistance.


My father had a Living Trust prepared for him by Kavesh, Minor & Otis in the past, and when he first showed it to me, after the completion, I actually thought it was way more than needed. My father passed away in February of 2008, and I can only tell you that I was and am so thankful for the trust document he had your firm do. As the trustee of my father’s estate, it made a lot of the issues I had to deal with a lot easier, but regardless of the trust being well done, I couldn’t have gotten through all of this without the expert guidance of your firm. I can only imagine that in this type of law, everyone at Kavesh, Minor & Otis must deal with a lot of emotional issues.


It is wonderful to deal with a company that is so devoted to its clients. Your company has been an outstanding choice for my needs. Thank you and don’t go away!

Karen K.

We were quite happy this year to be able to attend our review session nearer to home. Thank you so much for offering the location in Newport Beach. We do appreciate the service!

Dennis and Maureen N.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude that your firm had given me the chance to attend the seminar. You were an excellent speaker. Mr. Peter Keon was the attorney who helped me for my brand new living trust. He is very sharp and thorough, and I immediately liked him and the way he handled himself. He is also very conscientious and a hardworking attorney. I was very impressed with his work ethic and the product he had produced for me. Thank you very much.

Masako L.

My brother and I brought our 87 year old mother to meet with one of your lawyers. It was our first time meeting and I want to tell you how kind, caring and helpful he was to us. He explained everything in “down to earth” language we could understand. I was so appreciative of this. I was very pleased with his services to my mother. I want you to know this meant a lot to me and I feel very good that Mom is in his capable hands in regards to her living trust. Thank you for your fine staff. Even when I’ve had to call in for Mom, your receptionist and secretaries also have been most kind and helpful. Have a good day and God bless you!

Robin M.

My family and I could never thank you enough for the understanding and compassion you’ve extended to us. We are forever grateful to you.

The F. & S. Family

We just wanted to let you know about your Estate Planning Specialist Mr. Peter A. Keon. He was very friendly and courteous. He did a very thorough review on our Living Trust and advised us of what was needed to bring it up to date. He is an asset to your firm. Thanks a million.

Ida & Jesus D.