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Salesman’s Life is Example of Frugal Living and Charitable Giving

| Nov 7, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Thrifty shoe salesman surprises community and school with gift of nearly $1 million.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a frugal Aberdeen, WA resident who left his alma mater a major gift in “This shoe salesman lived an unassuming life. Then he died, and his hometown got quite the surprise.”

Ken Millen, who attended Grays Harbor College and then spent his life working at a local shoe store, didn’t appear to be a candidate to leave a hefty estate behind but he did with a gift of nearly $1 million to his alma mater.

Millen was never married and had no children. He had a brother who was a law professor. When the brother passed away, he left everything he had to Millen.

It did not change how Millen lived at all. When Millen himself passed away it was discovered that his brother left him a substantial sum of money. So much, in fact, that Millen visited a local attorney and had a will drafted that included the gift to Grays Harbor.

An estate planning attorney can guide you on any gift giving you intend for charity.