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Vanderbilt Fortune Creates Speculation

| Dec 7, 2016 | Estate |

Anderson Cooper, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, is not expected to receive an inheritance.

The son of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, is not in line to receive a share of her $200 million trust fund when she passes away and this has sparked speculation on just where it will go, according to Trust Advisor in “CNN’s Anderson Cooper Disinherited from $200 Million Vanderbilt Estate.”

One possibility is that the money could go to Vanderbilt’s two other children who are lesser known and not as independently wealthy as Cooper. However, whether they have a good relationship with their mother is unknown.

The money could also go to charitable causes as many previous Vanderbilts have been high-profile philanthropists. Gloria Vanderbilt is not known for her charitable giving.

A third possibility is that the trust fund does not have nearly as much money as is often assumed. Vanderbilt has previously had legal troubles over relatively small amounts of money. That could indicate that the trust has been empty for some time.

The estate of Gloria Vanderbilt will create some media coverage when the time comes.