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Disney Carried $50 Million Policy on Carrie Fischer

| Jan 16, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Carrie Fisher was in two of the three recent Star Wars movies but what happens now to Princess Leia?

What Disney faces with the loss of Carrie Fischer to portray Princess Leia in the next Star Wars film was reported recently in a Daily Mail article “Carrie Fisher’s death will trigger biggest EVER personal accident claim after Disney took out $50MILLION policy in case she couldn’t finish Star Wars films.”

Disney originally planned to continue the Star Wars story with three new movies that include the older storyline. This could create a problem if any of the original actors pass away.

Fisher did complete filming on two of the anticipated three movies, but her recent death has caused speculation about what will become of the character in the third and final film.

Disney, which owns the rights to the franchise, will have to decide whether to rewrite the script, cast a different actress or use a CGI likeness of Fisher. All is not lost for Disney, however, as they took out the largest life insurance policy in history to protect themselves, in case Fisher could not finish filming the movies.

The $50 million that Disney will receive from insurers, should go a long way to making them whole and easing their pain from not being able to use Fisher as a live actress in the final Star Wars film. At the same time, however, details of the Fisher estate plan are not known at this time.

She might have left instructions about how and if her digital likeness could be used, which could have an impact on Disney’s plans for the film. Fisher allowed a digital likeness of her younger self in another recent Star Wars film. Her contract with Disney might also contain provisions giving Disney the right to use her digital likeness, in case she was not able to complete filming.