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Humor Tops U.K. List for Being Remembered

| Apr 30, 2017 | Uncategorized |

You will most likely get many different answers to how does one wish to be remembered.

U.K. survey reveals that most people in the country want to be remembered for humor, according to the Daily Mail in “Now that’s having the last laugh! A third of Brits want to be remembered for their sense of humor after they pass away.”

Most people would probably like to be remembered for something that is important to them and how they view themselves as a person. The results of the U.K. survey are somewhat surprising, since the stereotypical Brit is a reserved person in American popular culture. However, it makes sense that people want to be remembered for humor.

Laughter also makes other people around us laugh. It makes others happy. There are far worse things than being remembered for making others feel good.

No matter what you want to be remembered for, a sense of humor or something else, you cannot always choose how people will remember you.

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