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Roger Ailes’ Estate Inherits Lawsuits

| Jun 12, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Former Fox News chairman passes away, while facing sexual harassment allegations.

Roger Ailes, former chairman of Fox News, recently passed away but that does end the legal troubles, according to The Cut in “What Will Happen to the Sexual-Harassment Lawsuits Against Roger Ailes?

Fox News has faced a series of allegations of sexual harassment made against top rated host Bill O’Reilly and Ailes. O’Reilly recently left the company and Ailes resigned.

One lawsuit against Ailes and the network was filed by a former television host, Gretchen Carlson. That lawsuit was settled for $20 million.

Two more lawsuits that were filed against Ailes, are still pending. He always maintained his innocence and was expected to fight against the claims in court.

His estate, however, is likely to take a different stance.

Since Ailes is unable to defend himself and tell his side of the story, the estate does not have a good way to refute the claims in court. That could lead them to settle the lawsuits quickly, so they can distribute whatever is left of Ailes’ estate to his heirs.