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Special, Live Virtual Event – What Your Successor Trustee Needs to Know To Protect YOU!

| May 29, 2020 | Children, Family, Successor Trustee, Trustee |

Statistics tell us that, at some point during your lifetime, there is a greater than 50% chance that you (or your spouse) will become disabled or otherwise unable to handle your own affairs.  That’s when the Successor Trustee under your Living Trust (your spouse, child or another person you’ve named) will step in to take care of things for you.  But…

Will Your Successor Trustee

Know What to Do When the Time Comes to Act?

Probably not!  And that lack of knowledge and preparation could cause your important financial and health decisions to not be made timely and properly, and according to your wishes (as well as cause unnecessary liability for your Trustee and lots of family conflict).

That’s why we periodically present to our clients, their Successor Trustees and beneficiaries, a special free “Trustee Training” seminar.  And this year’s presentation is even more unique, because we will be holding it over the internet, so…

 Even if Your Successor Trustee or Beneficiaries

Would Normally Be Unable to Attend an

In-Person Seminar,

They Can (and Should) Now That It’s Virtual!

 For more information, and to obtain the necessary log-in password, please click the date you would like to attend below:

Tuesday, June 16th at 10:00am or Saturday, June 27th at 10:00am

You can also forward our flyer about our upcoming seminar to your Successor Trustees.  To view and download our flyer, click here.

Feel free to also invite others you know who have a Living Trust and would also benefit from this important Successor Trustee Training.

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) then!