Sumner Redstone defended a number of cases recently that questioned his mental competency and won but now he has filed a lawsuit that raises the same question.

The complicated case of Sumner Redstone and his mental competency just got more complicated, according to Bloomberg in “Sumner Redstone Sues Two Ex-Girlfriends on Elder Abuse Claims.”

Within the last year Redstone, a 93-year-old media mogul, has faced lawsuits brought by an ex-girlfriend, a granddaughter and the former CEO of his company Viacom. The lawsuits share one claim in common: due to his advanced age Redstone was too mentally incapacitated to handle his own affairs and was being manipulated by his daughter.

In each of these cases Redstone claimed he was competent. In fact, he won the case brought by the ex-girlfriend and settled the other two favorably.

Investors in his companies were hoping that was the end of the saga.

However, now there is a new case that centers on Redstone’s mental capacity. This time the case was filed by Redstone himself. He has sued two of his ex-girlfriends claiming they took advantage of his diminished mental capacity to enrich themselves in what amounts to elder abuse. Redstone is asking that $150 million be returned to him.

It is not clear how Redstone’s attorneys plan to explain his testimony in one of the other cases. After all, he previously established that he was at full mental capacity.

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