Here’s What My Research Revealed

I began by consulting AARP ( I found out that they have a discount drug program available to their members for $16 a year.  That sounded reasonable.  But when I called the plan, I learned the costs for Mom’s prescriptions were still pretty high.  They recommended I check out some non-AARP member drug discount plans and one they mentioned was Blink Health (

When I went to the website, I was amazed to find that Blink Health required no premium and had no deductibles.  Instead, when I input the prescription drugs’ names, size of the pill, quantity and daily usage, they immediately gave me the names of pharmacies in my local area and their prices.  Super-fast and easy!

Then I started to compare prices and, boy, were my eyes opened!  Albertson’s and Wal-Mart’s costs (which you would think are rock bottom) amounted to over $500 total for Mom’s two drugs- – after their discount!  But Blink Health also listed a few smaller, local pharmacies that offered the same drugs for less than $200 total (over 60% less)!  I never realized there was such a disparity in drug prices!  By the way, the pharmacy I wound up using was Sunny Bay Pharmacy in Torrance (you may want to check them out). 

The process to fill the prescriptions through Blink Health was also fast and easy.  I paid for them online.  I had a choice of pickup or delivery.  I received an email confirmation which I forwarded to the pharmacy, along with the doctor’s prescriptions, then I went there and they were ready for pickup on my way to visit Mom.  Money and time saved!

 The Moral of the Story

There are a number of alternatives now available to help reduce the cost of your prescription drugs, which you should check out.  (Another discount service I’ve heard is good is  Keep in mind that, even if you’re currently covered by an employer or private health insurance plan or even Medicare Part D, these discount plans may offer prices that are less than the cost of your deductibles.  After all, “a dollar saved is a dollar earned” (as my Mom likes to remind me!)

Philip J. Kavesh
Nationally recognized attorney helping clients with customized estate planning guidance for over 40 years.
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