There is an Art Advisory Panel for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that provides asset appraisal and evaluation services for artwork included in federal income claims, gift tax cases, and estate successionsThe Art Advisory Panel for the IRS

Understanding the Art Advisory Panel 

Twenty-five “renowned art experts” serve on the Art Advisory Panel without compensation. The Panel typically consists of:

  • Art dealers
  • Academic scholars
  • Museum curators

Under the federal tax code, all works of art with a claimed value of $50,000 or more must be referred to the Panel. While the Panel serves several important purposes, its main task is ensuring that appraisals are accurate and fair—both for the owners and for the IRS. They ensure that assets are accurately valued, so collectors pay the appropriate amount of estate and gift taxes.

How the Art Advisory Panel Protects Taxpayers’ Privacy

To ensure impartiality and protect taxpayers’ privacy, the panelists only receive relevant information about the artwork and its history. They cannot view the owner’s name, the type of tax applicable to the item, or the potential tax consequences of their decision. If a Panel member has a conflict of interest, they are excluded from making an appraisal. In one recent year, the Panel’s members reviewed over 500 individual pieces of art, recommending tax adjustments totaling some $100 million.

The Importance of Getting a Good Appraisal

Estate items are usually only referred to the Art Advisory Panel if the IRS believes an artwork’s claimed appraisal could be inaccurate. While the Panel often finds in favor of taxpayers, an adverse decision could result in a larger tax bill and, in some cases, penalties.

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