Residents take the law into their own hands and create hidden pet cemeteries in city.

Many people today treat their pets as if they were members of their families and frequently leave their pets inheritances and trusts. These same people often want a traditional burial site for their pets. However, a problem has arisen in Belgrade, Serbia, according to Fox News in “Improvised pet graveyards hidden in Belgrade parks.”

Belgrade has promised its citizens a pet cemetery for a decade, yet the project to actually build one is still in the planning phase.

Not wanting to wait for the city to create a place for their pets, many residents have taken to burying their pets in the city’s parks in hidden graveyards.

The city does offer other ways to dispose of animal remains through official channels. However, that is not good enough for people who want a place they can go visit their beloved former pets.

What does this show? The pet human bond is stronger than ever.

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