Will reveals that he was not happy with his daughter and her children.

Tom Benson, the wealthy owner of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, recently passed away. His will makes it very clear that he was not happy with his daughter and grandchildren, according to the New Orleans Advocate in “Tom Benson’s last will makes clear who was in, out of his inner circle late in his life.”

One of the biggest stories in elder law just a few years ago, was a conflict between Benson, his daughter and her two children. The daughter and children sued Benson, claiming that he was not of sound enough mind to handle his own affairs and that he should not be allowed to hand the control of his businesses over to his third wife.

They lost that lawsuit at the trial court level and they also lost two appeals of the verdict.

The will was executed and witnessed one month after the trial court verdict. It directs that all of Benson’s property is to be put in a trust. It is not known publicly who the beneficiaries of the trust are. However, it is safe to assume that Benson’s daughter and grandchildren are not beneficiaries. This is because the will states several times that they are not to receive any of his property.

Given the previous litigation, it would seem likely that there could be a challenge to Benson’s will. Since a court determined that Benson was of sound mind shortly before he signed the will, the prospects of a successful challenge are unlikely.

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