Doctor plans human head transplant and projects that brain transplants may be available within a few years.

Italian doctor Sergio Canavero believes cryogenics will make head transplants and brain transplants possible in the near future, according to the Daily Mail in “Frozen brains will be ‘woken up’ and placed in donor bodies by 2020, claims controversial surgeon.”

Canavero had previously discussed his plans to perform the first human head transplant sometime next year. He plans to take a live person’s head and transplant it entirely onto a deceased donor’s body.

His new claim is that by the year 2020, he will be able to take a frozen brain and transplant it into a deceased donor’s body. Most researchers, however, believe that the process of freezing delicate brain tissue will damage it so much that it can never be restored.

Even if you believe that someday humans might be able to live eternally, you should be cautious about any claims that this will be the case in the near future. For now, you should still accept the fact that you will some day pass away.

Cryogenics may be a successful procedure in the future. However, for now an estate planning attorney can guide you in creating an estate plan that meets your unique circumstances.

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