Actor’s estate details not available to the public.

Wealth Management explains in “Gene Wilder’s Real-Life Golden Ticket” that actor Gene Wilder, who recently passed away, had a deep interest in charitable giving for cancer concerns. This is because his third wife, Gilda Radner, passed away from ovarian cancer that was not diagnosed in time to save her.

However, the public may never know the full details of his estate as it appears he had some form of planning to keep his estate private. This would mean he had more than a will that would have to be submitted to a public probate court.

Wilder worked tirelessly on behalf of cancer-related charities and started one of his own. He also did not have any children, which increases the likelihood he would have left money in his estate for charity.

While we do not know much about Wilder’s estate plan, the fact it has not been made public tells us a lot.

That means that, unlike some other celebrities who have recently passed away, Wilder made some sort of plans and did so in a way that would keep his estate private.

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