Woman was never acknowledged by Lewis, but she feels entitled to a share of his estate.

A woman who claimed she was the daughter of Jerry Lewis was never acknowledged by him. He never made an effort to see her, despite her attempt to do so in 1980. However, she may now be entitled to part of his estate, according to Page Six in “Jerry Lewis’ daughter on being left out of his will.”

At some point in his life, Lewis had a falling out with his sons and did not leave them anything in his will.

A woman named Susan Lewis Minoret, who shares 80% of her DNA with Lewis’ eldest son, has come forward and claimed that she is the daughter of Lewis.

Because he did not acknowledge her during his lifetime, it comes as no surprise that Suzan is not mentioned in his will. Interestingly, that might mean she is entitled to part of his estate.

Often in order to disinherit a child, that child must be mentioned by name and specifically disinherited in the will.

This is done so the court can be sure that the omission of a child was not just an accident. However, in this case, because Suzan and Lewis did not have any kind of relationship at any point during his lifetime, her rights to any of his estate is less certain.

A court may be asked to decide whether Suzan can have a portion of the estate.

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