Even though the DNA sample submitted was false, casino owner’s estate pays out millions to woman.

The estate of casino owner Kirk Kerkorian has faced some difficult issues and will pay millions to Kira Kerkorian, who is not his daughter, according to the Daily Mail article “Daughter of casino billionaire Kirk Kerkorian whose mother faked a DNA test showing he was her real father in messy paternity battle will get $8.5m from his will.”

Kerkorian, who was married to Kira’s mother for one month in 1999, faced claims that he was the girl’s father. To prove it in a paternity case, Kira’s mother submitted the DNA of another daughter of Kerkorian’s instead of Kira’s, which she later admitted.

Kerkorian, for his part, raised Kira as his child until she was 10 years old at which point Kerkorian hired a private investigator who was able to prove that another man was actually the father. Kerkorian then cut off all contact with Kira who is now 18.

Despite not actually being Kerkorian’s biological daughter, Kira is still going to inherit $8.5 million from him. That is a much smaller amount than his other two children have likely received, which has not been disclosed.

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