So far eternal life is not a reality, so it might be best to make other plans.

Some people think there is the possibility of a breakthrough in science to allow us to live forever. However, it might be best to consider the alternative for now, according to the Daily Mail in “Could you live forever? Humans will achieve IMMORTALITY using AI and genetic engineering by 2050, expert claims.”

There are a few different ways this immortality could be achieved in upcoming decades. Genetic engineering might become so good that scientists will be able to do away with the genes that cause us to age. Robotics could become so adept that human minds could be loaded into androids and live forever in mechanical bodies. Finally, it might be possible that human consciousness could be loaded into a virtual reality world and people could live forever there.

While all those things are possible in the future, they are not possible now.

Even the most optimistic immortality enthusiasts still think it will be decades before any such technology is widely available. That means that for now you should not plan to live forever. You really do need to get an estate plan.

An estate planning attorney can advise you in creating an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances, just in case the breakthrough doesn’t come along just yet.

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