What really happened the night the Miami Marlins pitcher and two others died, still remains unclear.

It is uncertain what happened the night that Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez and two other men died in a boating accident, but the uncertainty has not delayed the families of the other two men from claiming that Fernandez was responsible, according to FOX News in “Families of men killed with Jose Fernandez file lawsuits.”

It is not yet certain what happened.

It is believed that Fernandez got into an argument with his girlfriend and to calm himself down, decided to go boating late at night. Two of his friends went with them. In the dark, they did not see a pier and rammed it, capsizing the boat.

All three men died.

It was revealed that Fernandez had large amounts of alcohol and cocaine in his system. The investigation is still open, as authorities have thus far been unable to determine which of the men was driving the boat.

An attorney representing both families has filed lawsuits on their behalf against Fernandez’s estate. Both lawsuits are requesting $2 million in damages.

An attorney for the estate has indicated that a settlement is not likely, given the uncertainty about who was driving the boat. Clearing up that mystery could go a long way in determining whether these lawsuits have any chance of success.

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