Passing Along the Same Traditions

jason-kavesh-kings-game | California Estate Planning LawyerSome of the best memories I have of my own father involve going to football games with him as a young boy.  I grew up in a small, rural, farm town in South Jersey, where the local high school football games were a major community social event, and I vaguely remember spending most Saturday fall afternoons at those games with Dad.  But, I'll never forget when I was 9 years old and my father took me to the big city (Philadelphia) to see my first Sunday professional football game (the Eagles).  Just as we were about to sit in our seats, the opening kickoff was high in the air and the crowd erupted deliriously with joy as the Eagles player caught the ball five yards deep in the end zone and returned it all the way for a touchdown! (At the time an NFL record!)  I was immediately hooked on attending pro football games with my Dad, which we continued as our personal tradition even when I was away in college and in his golden years.

Torrance trust administration lawyerSo, when my own son was 4 years old, I was able to pass down this same father-son sports bonding tradition.  At the time, here in Los Angeles we did not have our own professional football team anymore (only the “visiting” Raiders, whom I never really considered “our” team). So I instead took my son to a professional hockey game.  Immediately, our mutual love for the Los Angeles Kings was born and is something that we still share to this day. And my son and I have taken this tradition a big step beyond that of me and my Dad - - having witnessed in person our team win the championship game! (By the way, my daughter has also participated in this hockey tradition, and even got to kiss the Stanley Cup!)

Now, as a grandfather, this sports tradition and bonding experience was something that I wanted to be sure to pass along to my grandsons.  I have taken both of them to many Los Angeles Kings games since they were young.  It’s our special time together.  In particular, they love going down to the glass before each game, seeing the players up close and getting pucks tossed to them by the players!.  Now they’re hooked on hockey, too!

phil-kavesh-grandkids | California Estate Planning LawyerAnd even when there are no hockey games to attend, we have found other fun activities to enjoy together, including riding bikes along The Strand, boogie boarding in the ocean and playing backyard basketball or hockey!  We’re currently planning a very special outing - - a 3-day trip to Disneyland this summer - - just us “youngsters”!

Being blessed with the opportunity to act both as a father and a grandfather has brought a great deal of love, joy and meaning to others’ lives, as well as to mine.  It also reminds me that all the years and years of hard work on my career and in building Kavesh, Minor & Otis have not only allowed me to enjoy these grandfather years, but also to help many other local families love, enjoy and take care of their loved ones too.

Here's wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Father’s Day - - or maybe even a happy Grandfather's Day!

Philip J. Kavesh
Nationally recognized attorney helping clients with customized estate planning guidance for over 40 years.
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