Frozen Norwegian grandfather remembered in Colorado town.

Frozen Dead Guy Day is celebrated in an annual festival in Colorado, according to FOX News in “Colorado town’s Frozen Dead Guy Days festival salutes chilly corpse.”

The article covers the move from California to Nederland, CO in 1993 of a mother and son, who planned to open a cryonic facility. The town didn’t know that they were bringing with them the frozen body of Bredo Morstoel, who many years earlier had been frozen in liquid nitrogen.

This was discovered when the wife went into the town to fight an eviction. While his wife and a grandson have since been deported on visa violations, they still pay a caretaker to haul 2,400 pounds of dry ice every month to preserve Morstoel’s frozen body.

If this story was not already strange enough, the town has an annual festival to celebrate its unique body called Frozen Dead Guy Days. The festival includes a coffin race, costume ball and a feast.

It is not known what the town might do, if Morstoel’s family no longer provides funds to preserve his body.

While this particular story is strange, cryogenics is becoming an increasingly popular method of postmortem disposition of human remains.

Despite not having any scientific basis for it, many people believe that if they have their bodies frozen, doctors will be able to unfreeze them and cure whatever disease killed them.

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