Most people are only remembered by their immediate family, but digital technology can protect memories for generations.

A family history can pass down your memories, but little is actually know about you until now thanks to digital technology, according to CNN in “Leaving behind a digital legacy for loved ones.”

Digital technology allows everyone to leave a personal record behind of their own lives.

They can preserve written accounts of what they did and why. Their lives may last far longer than scraps of old paper.

How can people today do this?

They can record videos of themselves and give a firsthand account of their lives and what they think about things.

This can be good for their families for two reasons. First, it lets those who knew the deceased person have something to replay to remember them. Second, future generations can look at it and know how their ancestors lived.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in creating an estate plan that fits your unique circumstances and could well include a digital legacy.

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