Campbell had eight children but left three out of his will.

Glen Campbell drafted his will in 2006 and explicitly cut out the three children he had with his second wife, according to the Daily Mail in “Fighting over dad’s rhinestones: Major inheritance fight expected after the late country legend Glen Campbell cut three of his eight kids from his will.”

Campbell announced in 2011 that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s and made the news again in 2015 when two out of his eight children filed a lawsuit seeking permission to visit him. They claimed such visitation was being denied to them by Campbell’s fourth wife.

They eventually won that lawsuit.

Campbell has since passed away. However, the fighting between his family members is not over.

What is not clear is why Campbell cut three of the children out.

Campbell’s estate is estimated to be worth $50 million, giving the three excluded children plenty of financial reasons to contest the will.

Campbell may have made some basic estate planning mistakes when he did not say why he was disinheriting the children or use some other method of exclusion and did not include a no-contest clause.

A court hearing is already scheduled on the matter.

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