Here are some of their observations in regard to policies affecting seniors, veterans and the “medically needy.”

  • Social Security and Medicare: Trump has stated that he does not want to change Social Security and Medicare. However, he has not stated what, if anything, he will do to ensure that the programs remain solvent. Many of his Republican allies would like to reduce or privatize both programs.
  • Medicaid: TPAG has examined some of the proposals which are designed to restrict protective planning – making it much more difficult for older Americans to protect their homes and other assets while qualifying for Medicaid, particularly in a Long Term Care setting. They recommend all seniors, and their families, stay up-to-date as more information becomes available.
  • Tax Proposals: As a candidate Trump proposed many changes in the tax code, including to the estate tax and the capital gains tax. These changes could have a dramatic impact on estate planning and require that many current plans be revisited.
  • Special Needs: No proposals have yet been made that would directly affect services for special needs children and adults. However, changes in the way that federal Medicaid dollars are dispensed to the states could impact programs on a state-by-state basis.
  • Veterans’ Benefits: While candidate Trump advocated supporting and even expanding services to veterans, there are currently proposals in Congress to restrict access to needed programs such as Aid and Attendance.
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