A recent easing of the ongoing family battles over Michael Jackson’s estate shows a glimmer of hope.

A feud between some of Michael Jackson’s family members and Jackson’s father Joe Jackson created several problems for the estate, but there are signs that Joe Jackson has changed his mind, according to TMZ in “Joe Jackson Now Solidly Behind MJ Estate.”

One of the biggest issues that bogged the estate down was that Michael’s father refused to support the estate because he was upset that Michael had cut him and his other children out of receiving a portion.

The estate was able to win Joe Jackson over by paying his medical bills when he had a stroke and producing a documentary that painted him in a favorable light. He has also come to the conclusion that the estate is doing a good job taking care of Michael’s children.

What is of interest here is that the estate was able to resolve the problem by being nice, instead of continuing to escalate the conflict.

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