What about Long-Term Care Insurance? The average cost of nursing home care in a semiprivate room is about $80,300 per year. Although 44% of men and 58% of women currently age 65 will need nursing home care at some point, those stays will average less than a year for men and less than 18 months for women. Most of the care is provided at home or another community setting. Half of nursing home and retirement care expenses are typically covered by either Medicare or Medicaid. Nonetheless, in assisted living facilities, where stays are around 22 months and the cost is about $43,200 annually, they might not accept Medicaid. You’ll need long-term-care insurance to fill the gap.

Don’t Forget Medicaid. If you believe you may require long-term care, either in your home or in a care facility, you should see where you stand as far as Medicaid. An experienced elder law attorney may be able to help you legally transfer certain assets before you submit your application

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