A Fun Trip Down Memory Lane with Members of the Firm

Director of Operations & Paralegal (29 Years with the Firm)

kavesh minor and otis staff | California Estate Planning LawyerOne of the fondest memories I have from my time at KMO is our first company picnic. I loved getting together outside the office, and having the opportunity to meet everyone's loved ones and families. I recently hosted a board game night with some of our staff, which was lots of fun!  I enjoyed the firm trips we went on, such as our three-day cruise to Ensenada, as well as my first time traveling to Hawaii. I absolutely fell in love with Hawaii, and now my family tries to go at least every other year in the summer!

Former Executive Assistant to Phil Kavesh & Now Success Coach for Attorneys Following Phil's Model (19 Years Working for Phil)

This was my first job coming out of college, so of course I will never forget that the very first week I began working involved getting on a plane and immediately preparing seminar slides side-by-side with Phil (literally!) on a turbulent flight to Denver. We put together two PowerPoint presentations for the conference we were about to attend.  I also love all of the friendships and relationships outside of the firm that I've formed over the years. I've lived with some of my coworkers, traveled around the country together, and I've experienced their weddings, funerals, baby showers and much more!  It's become a second family for me!

Founder & Principal Attorney

I have far too many fond memories of my 42 years in practice to share, but I would definitely say that a joy and benefit that I initially never thought of when I established my firm was the opportunity to mentor and guide so many people along the way. From attorneys to staff members—several of whom are still with me today and many others who have been a part of our KMO family at some point. Not to mention that the practice management techniques that have been such a huge part of KMO's success today became the basis for my separate business consulting company called The Ultimate Estate Planner, where we teach other estate planning attorneys all over the country how to successfully run their practices! 

It's always been a goal of mine to help enrich the lives of those we service and when I stop to think about just how many thousands of people my team and our two companies have helped over the years—it's pretty amazing!

SHANTADEE GADSONkavesh minor and otis staff | California Estate Planning Lawyer
Estate Administration Administrative Assistant (15 Years with the Firm)

One of my favorite memories working at Kavesh, Minor and Otis was playing a joke on my coworkers. One Halloween, I put a fake Chucky doll in the hallway to surprise a certain staff member as she came in one morning. She screamed so loud and nearly wet her pants!  I could not help but laugh (and she then did too!) and it was and still remains one of my greatest memories!  😂

Associate Attorney (20 Years with the Firm)

My overall fondest memory is all of the training and mentorship that I received throughout my time at KMO. I also enjoyed mentoring other junior associates who joined the firm and helping them with their questions and concerns as they began to learn the estate planning process.  I also enjoyed social events, such as happy hour on Friday evenings with the other associate attorneys.  And, of course, I cannot forget all of the times that Phil took me with him down to San Diego to the Southern California Tax and Estate Planning Forum, where I got to know him better and learned (and appreciated) what it takes to become a top estate planning lawyer.

Executive Assistant to Phil Kavesh (9 Years Working for Phil)

I have a lot of fun memories throughout the years, but I will never forget my first Halloween!  I was told that we could dress up in costumes for Halloween and I get to the office dressed up like this...

Philip Kavesh Assistant | California Estate Planning Lawyer

...only to find that NOBODY else dressed up!  

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