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Estate Administration Administrative Assistant (15 Years with the Firm)

One of my favorite memories working at Kavesh, Minor and Otis was playing a joke on my coworkers. One Halloween, I put a fake Chucky doll in the hallway to surprise a certain staff member as she came in one morning. She screamed so loud and nearly wet her pants!  I could not help but laugh (and she then did too!) and it was and still remains one of my greatest memories!  😂

Associate Attorney (20 Years with the Firm)

My overall fondest memory is all of the training and mentorship that I received throughout my time at KMO. I also enjoyed mentoring other junior associates who joined the firm and helping them with their questions and concerns as they began to learn the estate planning process.  I also enjoyed social events, such as happy hour on Friday evenings with the other associate attorneys.  And, of course, I cannot forget all of the times that Phil took me with him down to San Diego to the Southern California Tax and Estate Planning Forum, where I got to know him better and learned (and appreciated) what it takes to become a top estate planning lawyer.

Executive Assistant to Phil Kavesh (9 Years Working for Phil)

I have a lot of fun memories throughout the years, but I will never forget my first Halloween!  I was told that we could dress up in costumes for Halloween and I get to the office dressed up like this...

Philip Kavesh Assistant | California Estate Planning Lawyer

...only to find that NOBODY else dressed up!  

Philip J. Kavesh
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