While proper behavior is the norm at funerals, it is not always the case and a funeral director’s life may become more interesting.

Television and movies sometimes portray funerals with a humorous twist. However, real life people at funerals behave with respect and dignity. However, that is not always the case, according to Business Insider in “I’m a funeral director — screaming fights, drunken propositions, and blasting Nirvana are all part of my job.”

The author of the article is a funeral director.

He goes through the many incidents of people acting inappropriately at wakes and funerals. He includes everything from a woman showing up in a bikini, people ordering pizza, to family members getting into fights and much more.

He was even propositioned once by the deceased’s drunk granddaughter.

While bad behavior can sometimes be tolerated, it is important to remember that the disturbances can sometimes end up with problems later in dealing with the estate plan.

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