Man’s obit inspires some readers, which resulted in more contributions to foundation.

An obituary published on the Internet explained that the man’s death was caused by whisky and stubbornness. The obit went viral, according to FOX News in “Man’s family gives him the ultimate obituary.”

Chris Connors’s obit tells it all. However, it primarily explains he didn’t care for rules and didn’t follow them. For example, his obit explains that he went swimming in the ocean off the coast of Maine in January, was stabbed trying to stop a woman from being mugged, reached the base camp of Mt. Everest, occasionally cross dressed, boxed against a hospice worker wearing a bikini and much more.

The obituary has apparently gone viral since people are sharing it online. It was drafted by Connors’ daughter and a cousin. The daughter says people are contacting her to tell her that the obituary is inspirational. Some of them are even contributing to Connors’ charitable foundation.

This is a relatively new trend in obituaries.

Instead of sticking to the dry facts of a deceased person’s life, people are trying to inject humor and make the obituaries memorable. Many of these obituaries are then published online, where they are shared by thousands, if not millions, of people.

Here are some words of caution: not everyone wants the intimate details of their lives exposed on the Internet, even after they have passed away.

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