TIP #4: Consider Getting/Running an Air Conditioner.

Many homes in Southern California, especially beach cities, were not originally built with central air conditioning.  There are a number of effective, inexpensive, portable or window-mounted air conditioning options that you may wish to purchase to help cool off a senior’s home.  One does not need to necessarily cool down the entire home, but just the room that the senior will primarily be in throughout the day.  If the senior cannot get air conditioning in their home, they may consider going to a friend's or loved ones’ home where they can enjoy air conditioning and cool off, or public areas such as the mall, grocery store, or other air-conditioned businesses.

TIP #5: Dress Appropriately.

Be sure the senior wears light, loose-fitting clothing to avoid overheating.  If they are going to be outside, be sure they apply sunscreen and consider grabbing a hat and some sunglasses to protect them from too much sun exposure.

TIP #6: Close the Blinds/Shades.

If the senior’s home has windows that face the sun and get a lot of sun (and heat) throughout the day, keep the blinds or shades closed throughout the day to avoid allowing unnecessary heat coming into the home.  It can make a dramatic difference in temperature just by having the windows blocked to keep the burning sunlight out.

TIP #7: Review the Senior’s Medications with Their Doctor.

Last, but certainly not least, consider reviewing the senior’s medications with their doctor.  Some medications may cause body temperature to fluctuate and may be adjusted during warmer weather to ensure that the senior is not potentially putting themself at risk of overheating. 

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