As the trend for pets to gain importance in people’s lives increases, so does the interest in being buried alongside them.

Pets seem to be gaining increasing importance in people’s lives but also gaining in popularity is wanting to be buried with them, according to in “Can You Bury Your Pet With You After You Die?

In past years, it would have been extremely unusual for someone to be buried with a pet. However, many people now think of pets differently.

A couple of states now allow people and their pets to be buried in the same cemetery with some conditions. A few other states are considering legislation that would also allow it.

This is not just a U.S. phenomenon, since a few foreign countries now also allow the practice.

If you love your pet that much, you should also know there are other legal things you can do to show that love.

An estate planning attorney can guide you in creating a plan that fits your individual needs and circumstances.

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