The family of the man who killed concert goers in Las Vegas and the victims of the tragedy are likely to square off over $5 million estate.

How the estate of Stephen Paddock, who killed concert goers from a window in his hotel in Las Vegas, will be distributed will have to be determined by a court, according to Fox News in “Fate of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s millions to be decided by court.”

Paddock’s estate has assets of approximately $5 million that need to be distributed.

One lawyer representing some of Paddock’s family members and one of the victims is asking to be put in charge of administrating the estate.

Another lawyer representing other victims is asking that the estate be put into a constructive trust for him to administer, so he can make sure the victims who suffered the most can get the money.

The second attorney also believes that the first has a conflict of interest.

The likely outcome?

One way or another the bulk of Paddock’s estate will most likely go to his victims and their families.

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