Since last summer, investigators have been trying to answer a puzzling question: Who killed Sarah Long, who was found dead of a gunshot wound at her Old Meeting Way townhouse in July. At the same time, another struggle has been playing out in probate court: Who will get Long’s nearly $1 million estate? Since shortly after Long’s death, the two men closest to Long, her boyfriend and her estranged husband, were battling in court over who should inherit her estate.

When you mix together a suspicious death, a nearly $1 million estate, a boyfriend and an estranged husband-you’re bound to make newsworthy headlines.

Sarah Long was reported missing last July and found dead in her home of gunshot wounds. Initially, her death was ruled to be a suicide. However, inconsistent evidence at the scene later caused police to open up a homicide investigation. The police still do not know what happened to Ms. Long.

She left behind an estate worth nearly $1 million.

DavidsonNews.nethas the full story in As police investigate, battle rages over shooting victim’s estate.”

Here is a quick overview:

Long had previously made a will that left everything to her boyfriend. She also had an estranged husband and, under South Carolina law, the husband should be entitled to 15% of her estate regardless of what her will states.

The husband and the boyfriend have been fighting over the estate in probate court. To make interesting matters more interesting, Long’s family has also intervened.

There are allegations that Long made the will giving everything to her boyfriend under duress and that her husband abused her.

The latest development? The boyfriend and the husband have reached an agreement to which Long’s family objects. If it turns out that Long was murdered, then the identity of the killer may also play a role in who gets the estate.

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