Experts believe cryogenics will not be successful but the practice continues.

There are often stories circulated in the media about cryogenics and one of the most recent is an article about a teenage girl from the U.K. who argued her case before a judge, according to FOX News Health in “Dying UK girl convinces judge to let her body be frozen.”

Cryogenics remains a controversial subject in elder law because some believe that if their remains are frozen it is possible they can be unfrozen in the future when a cure for their diseases will be available.

Most experts, however, do not think that is possible because we do not currently have an ability to freeze human beings in a way that preserves their ability to be brought back to life. Some people do still request that their bodies be frozen after they pass away.

A 14-year-old girl with terminal cancer wanted her body to be shipped to the U.S. to be frozen. However, her divorced parents disagreed with each other about granting the girl’s wishes. Her mother was in favor and her father was opposed.

This caused the girl to ask a judge to direct that her body should be frozen. Although the girl was too ill to make her request in court, the judge visited her and agreed to her wishes.

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